Children’s Program 2018

Peter and the Wolf

West Coast Chamber Music is pleased to offer elementary schools their version of Peter and the Wolf in a new production. The score of this famous musical fairytale by Prokofiev is recreated by West Coast Chamber Musicians, Ross Curran, Holly Duff & Alan Crane using a variety of wind instruments, piano and percussion; then it’s brought to life on stage by artist Angela Brown. She uses colourful body puppets, dance, mime and pantomime to animate humourously all the characters of this classic story.

In May of 2011, WCCM’s new show was premiered at the Langley Community Music School’s community day open house & as part of WCCM’s 2011 concert season. Both performances were hugely successful with much positive audience feedback. Since then, the show has toured various schools in the Vancouver School District.

Length of Show: 45 minutes
Best Grade Suitability: K-6
Educational Value: Musical knowledge, Cultural enrichment, Literacy
Requirements: Piano if available (can provide keyboard if not)
Study Guide is available upon request
Know-Wonder-Learn Chart (K.W.L.) for Peter & the Wolf: download here
Cost: $600 (Please note: A limited number of shows are available at a 40-50% discount from a grant subsidy)

To book a show:
Please go through Artstarts in the Schools,,
or contact:
Holly Duff, Director, West Coast Chamber Music

Excerpts from Peter and the Wolf:

The Bird:

The Cat:

Peter_and_the_Wolf3 Peter_and_the_Wolf1 Peter_and_the_Wolf6

bird     trio

West Coast Chamber Music is a well known series in Vancouver presenting classical concerts of chamber music for 20 seasons. It has presented a variety of children’s concerts and workshops over these years at its home venue of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, as well as other community venues. Some of these productions have been toured in elementary schools in the region.

West Coast Chamber Music is a registered charity.

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Interview PART 1 of 4 on Vancouver’s COOP radio show, “It Takes a Village”.
WCCM’s Holly Duff and Ross Curran discuss their “Peter and the Wolf” show, storytelling and music.
With special guest Rosemary Crane.
Taped live and broadcast on August 2, 2012.

Interview PART 2 of 4
Interview PART 3 of 4
Interview PART 4 of 4

Ross Curran